5 tips to help you get the most from the Library

If you’re a few weeks into your degree programme now is probably a good time to start making the most of the Library. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help.


If you’re a few weeks into your degree programme now is probably a good time to start making the most of the Library. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help. Want to know more? Email libraryenquiries@leedstrinity.ac.uk

  1. Use the Enquiry Point

The Enquiry Point in Leeds Trinity University Library

The Enquiry Point is the place for one to one help from a librarian. They can help you with searching the library catalogue, finding resources, referencing and whatever other library-related issues you have. It’s open Monday to Friday, 11 until 3 during term time. You can still get help outside of those hours – just visit the Helpdesk and you’ll be directed to someone who can help you.

  1. Visit your liaison librarian


Each subject is supported by a Liaison Librarian who provides in-depth one to one support when you need it. Have you got an essay title and don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re worried your search techniques aren’t up to scratch and it’s stopping you writing great essays? You can find your Liaison Librarian’s contact details under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the Library website.

  1. Sharpen your referencing skills with the online tutorials

A screenshot of the Be Brilliant at avoiding plagiarism online tutorial from Leeds Trinity University Library

You can always visit the Enquiry Point or our Liaison Librarian when you need referencing help near your assignment deadlines, but it pays to stay ahead of the game. With this in mind we’ve created interactive guides to help you with the basics of referencing and avoiding plagiarism. You’ll find them under the ‘Referencing’ tab on the Library website, and we recommend having a look now so you feel more confident when it comes to writing up your bibliography near your deadlines.

If you want to go a step further you can use EndNote, a dedicated reference management tool that collects and organises your references. You can also use EndNote’s ‘Cite while your write’ tool and easily add your references to Microsoft Word. Make an appointment with your Liaison Librarian to find out more about using EndNote.

  1. Reserve books

A screenshot of Leeds Trinity University Library website, showing the option to reserve books

We offer unlimited renewals on all our books, which is great for you because you can keep them for a lot longer than in the past. But if the book you want is out on loan, the quickest way to get your hold of it is to reserve it. You can do this by clicking the big red ‘Reserve’ button that you’ll see when you’re looking at a book on the catalogue. This means the person who has it won’t be able to renew, and you’ll be able to pick it up from the Helpdesk as soon as it’s returned.

  1. Explore all the databases

A screenshot of Leeds Trinity University Library website's 'Databases A-Z' page

The Library gives you access to a load of really useful databases containing journal articles, news articles, statistics, reports and more. Some of them are really subject specific, some are more general and apply to a range of subject areas. Putting some keywords into the ‘Find Journal Articles’ box will search through a large number of these databases – but not all. That’s why it’s good to familiarise yourself with the databases listed under the ‘My Subject’ tab on the Library website. There you can go and search within specific databases, and also see which ones you are searching when you do a ‘Find journal articles’ search. You might come across one that will be really useful for a future assignment. If you want to see a list of all the databases you have access to regardless of subject, click on ‘Databases A-Z’ within the ‘eResources’ tab on the website.

Featured Resource: the Library website

Our Featured Resource at the moment is our lovely Library website, and we have  highlighted here some of the ways you can make the most of it!

So, what can you do on the library website?

1. Renew your books

A screenshot of the My Library Account page on Leeds Trinity University Library website

We have removed all of our renewal limits, which is great for you because you can borrow your books for as long as you want (providing nobody else wants them). But it’s still important to remember to renew your books when you get your reminder email – and you can do this on the Library website. Either follow the link in your reminder email, or head to the Library website and click on ‘My Library Account’. Here you can renew books that are nearing their due date, see how many books you have on loan, and check if you have any reservations available to collect.

2. Reserve books that are on loan

A screenshot of Leeds Trinity University Library website, showing the option to reserve books

If you want to get hold of a book but all the copies are on loan, you can make sure you’re first in the queue by reserving it on the Library website. Click the ‘reserve’ button and the person who has the book won’t be able to renew it. When it’s returned you’ll get an automated email and you’ll have four days to collect it from the Helpdesk.

3. Book a group study room

A screenshot of the Quick Links on the homepage of the Library website

All the group study rooms in the Library are free to use if they’re empty, but in busy times the only way to guarantee a room is to book one online. You can do this by clicking the ‘Book a study room’ button under the Quick Links on the Library homepage. You can book a room for up to three hours.

4. Find excellent resources for your assignments

A screenshot of the results from a search in the Find Journal Articles search box on the Library Website

The Library website is the best place to find resources to help you write first class essays and other assignments. You can search for books, e-books, DVDs and journal articles. And you can also search within specialist databases for your subject, which you’ll find under the ‘My Subject’ tab.

5. Perfect your referencing

A screenshot of the Referencing page on the Leeds Trinity University Library website

The website has guides to Harvard and APA referencing, and some interactive tutorials to help you get to grips with the basics of referencing and avoiding plagiarism. You’ll find them all under the ‘Referencing’ tab. Just make sure you know which referencing style your subject area uses.

6. Top up your printer credit

A screenshot of the Quick Links on the homepage of the Library website

Have you used the printers much this year? You will have found you have £6 of complementary printer credit on your card already. It only costs 3p to print in black and white, so that might last the whole year, but if not you can top up your credit using the ‘Top up print credits’ button on the Quick Links on the homepage.

8. Get in touch with your Liaison Librarian

A screenshot of the contact details for Sarah Munks, the Liaison Library for Education

Your Liaison Librarian can help you improve your search skills in a one-to-one appointment, and you can find the contact details for your Librarian on the website. Find your subject under the ‘My Subject’ tab and you’ll find the contact details on the right hand side.

Letter to a fresher…from a recent graduate

Despite completing an English degree from Leeds Trinity University, I don’t think I set foot in the library until second year. Appalling, I know. How dare a student of books not set foot in the holy grail of books until second year? It sounds ridiculous and somewhat ignorant but up until that point I felt that I hadn’t needed it. I figured I could manage all by myself to find my own research and outside reading.

That was the end of the idiotic thoughts obscuring my brain.


Upon stumbling across the library threshold (don’t worry, at the very least, I knew where the library was located), for the first time, I instantly realised how stubborn and short-sighted I had been. Despite first year “not counting”, it occurred to me that not only had I not taken full advantage of a resource I was paying to have at my fingertips; but I had already presented a year’s worth of work with basic google scholar articles (you know the ones, the articles that every other student in your class has at some point already referenced). Dramatic starts to the side, I am not the only fresher who, unintentionally, neglected to use a valuable and individual academic reserve.


Not only are there thousands of books, journals and articles but there are also subject librarians whose job it is to help their specific students find good resources, help with referencing and other basic enquiries. Needless to say, once I had tried what the library had to offer, there was no turning back. I couldn’t keep myself away from the late night openings, unlimited loan renewals and databases with content stretching back to the 1600’s. I’d be damned if anyone was going to out-reference me!

After around 4 days straight in the library (reaching 7 hour MINIMUM stints), multiple coffee runs, and suffering an existential crisis or two, I had finally utilised the library in all its benefits. Fear not young and innocent freshers – stints like this are only to be executed by experienced third year students with iron clad, and exceedingly over caffeinated will power.

The moral of this short story is: your library needs you and you need your library. It’s a balanced relationship, that whilst at university, you should try and maintain; despite some of your suffering from the typical 20 something problem of commitment issues. Be strong! Use your library!



A new start

Hi there! Welcome to Leeds Trinity if you are a new student – and welcome back to all those returning from summer breaks. We would like to welcome you to the Library’s new blog.

Hi there! Welcome to Leeds Trinity if you are a new student – and welcome back to all those returning from summer breaks. We would like to welcome you to the Library’s new blog – we will use this to communicate news, announcements, information and advice over the coming academic year.

We hope you’ve all had a great summer and are feeling ready to start the new academic year.  If not, don’t worry – university can be daunting and staying motivated is a struggle at times, but we will do our best to help you get to grips with the Library and ultimately help you get better marks.

A group of students working in a group study room in the Library

We’ve had a very busy summer here in the Library and for those returning students, you may notice some changes about the place.  In case you didn’t know, the Library is currently being extended to create more study space, teaching rooms, a bigger and better café & IT Lab and updated to provide you guys with the stuff & space you need to succeed!

So here’s a summary of some of the physical changes that are happening at present:

  • the hoardings (behind which the builders have been working) will be coming down, revealing two brand new group study rooms on the first floor;
  • Four temporary group study areas on the 2nd floor are being created
  • A revamped 24-hour IT Lab will soon be unveiled
  • A brand new Helpdesk & lobby area is being constructed

Students discussing work in the Library's quiet zone

In other news, we’ve been busy making some changes behind the scenes too.  You’ll find the catalogue easier to search now as we have improved the way search results display.  We’ve got rid of all the pesky 2-day loans and you can now borrow DVDs for a week at a time.  We’ve purchased tonnes of new books to help support you in your studies, and have some fab new databases to help you with your research.

As always, if you need any help or support with accessing any library resources then please feel free to pop in, email us at libraryenquiries@leedstrinity.ac.uk, call us on 0113 783244 or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch. We know starting a new course or module can be daunting but we are here to help you Be Brilliant!