Help! Something’s not working!

Picture the scene. You’re using the Journals search on the library website, or you’re in a database. You’ve managed to find the perfect journal article… and you can’t download the PDF, or the link to the full text isn’t working.  Or you’ve found a useful looking e-book, but you can’t seem to open it up and read it.

Don’t panic. Here’s what to do next.

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Get the details ready

Before you report it, you’ll need to be able to tell us exactly what’s happened so far. We need to know:

Where are you? We don’t need your exact GPS location (that’d be weird) but do tell us if you’re on campus, at home or elsewhere. Sometimes things work differently depending whether you’re on the university network.

What device are you using? PC or Mac? Laptop? Phone? iPad or tablet? We need to know so we can test it on the same device if we need to.

Which web browser? Are you using Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari…?


How did you get to the library website? For best results, go straight to If you took a different route, like clicking on the library link from Moodle, we need to know that too.

What are you trying to access? Is it a journal article, an e-book or something else? We’ll need the details of the article, or the name of the book. You can usually copy and paste the info from the screen, or just take a screenshot if that’s quicker.

Where are you searching? Did you find it through the library catalogue (Books search box)? The Journals search box? A database (like PsycInfo, SportDiscus or ChildLink?)

And finally… what’s gone wrong? PDF won’t download? Link to the article not working? E-book won’t open? If you’re getting an error message, what does it say? Take a screenshot if you can. We love screenshots.


Still with me?

We know it’s a lot of information, but we really do need it. Emailing the library and saying, “This article isn’t working!” is a bit like going to the doctor and saying, “Help, I’m ill!” We need to narrow down what the problem is before we can fix it.

Report it

Once you have the information ready, you can email it to the Liaison Librarian for your subject. Find out who’s who and their contact details here:



You can also ring the library helpdesk on 0113 2837244.

We know it’s annoying when things don’t work, so please do get in touch and we’ll do whatever we can to help.



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